Hate crimes against Muslim father in Sweden

    These persons due to my ethnicity has committed

    • Hate crime
    • Kidnapping of my children (6 and 8 years young)
    • Child abuse (6 and 8 years young) in Swedish custody (attestation is available)
    • My children were not allowed to go to school (attestation is available)

    Prime Minister                              Stefan Löfven

    Attorney General                          Morgan Johansson

    Interior Minister                            Anders Ygeman

    Social Minister                              Åsa Regnér

    Foreign Minister                          Margot Wallström (Mutbrott)

    Judge                                                Anders E Larsson

    City Partly word.                          Ulf Walther

    District Vice                                   President Gustav Johansson

    Social Enskede                              Nadia Chowkhora

    Social Enskede                              Ozgäl Nilsson

    Social Enskede                              Ann-Christine Gullans

    Social Enskede                              Tim Tjernqvist

    Social Enskede                              Fariba?

    City dir.                                           Lena Lundström Stoltz

    City dir.                                           Leif Kananen                                  Prosecutor         Mats Ericsson

    City dir.                                           Ulrika Klemets                              Prosecutor         Daniel Jonsson

    City dir.                                           Kristina Goldring                          Prosecutor         Astrid Eklund

    City dir.                                           Milton Palacios                             Prosecutor         Hanna Gardell

    City dir.                                           Birgitta Eskils                               Prosecutor         Hawjin Shamer

    City dir.                                           Kersti Tagesson                            Prosecutor         Elisabeth Brandt

    Polis                                                 Hanna Eriksson                            Prosecutor         Gunnar Merkel

    Aspirant                                          Anton Andersson                          Prosecutor         Eva Nilsson

    Violence in relationship             Mikael Törnblom

    The police in Globen                   can be proved

    People who have been able to make a difference but ignored due to my religion made them self’s guilty of violations due to the Constitution and the Criminal Code.

    Chairman of the house                Urban Ahlin

    Constitution committee               Andreas Norlén

    National Police Commissioner

    Södertörn District Court,            Petra Lundh

    Chief Svea court                          Fredrik Wersell

    Chief Special investigation         Ebba Sverne Arvill

    • Refused to receive the notification
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