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Request for Political Asylum from Saudi Arabia

Request for political asylum from Saudi Arabian 16 nov. 2022

I am humbly asking you for help, with regard to the article 14 United Nations Convention on Human Rights, to get my request for asylum be approved by the Honorable King of Saudi Arabia.

I am a Muslim author, a citizen of Sweden, whose children are held hostage due to the written-published document-based books in Sweden.

Documents that attesting the claims are attached. There is also more than a thousand documents since 2016 about the hostage-taking of a Muslim author’s children, my children, in Sweden.


The organization, United Nations (UN), is losing its credibility with the common people, especially with the Muslims on a broad front, due to the double standards. The UN censor of crimes against Muslim children and Muslims in Sweden is a proof of the UN hatred of Islam.

The UN have in more than six years, censored and covered up hostage children of a Muslim author in Sweden.

My children were/are held hostage by court order in Sweden, named exclusively in the sentence, due to my document-based books such as:

  • Forcibly Converting Muslim Children in Sweden, 2016.
  • Swedes are stupid, according to the Iranian women! 2016.

(Describing the hypocrisy of justice system in Sweden which makes the conversion of Muslim children possible.)

  • Clinical Torture in Sweden 2022
  • Assassinated for … 2022

(Revealing “Systematic rape of Muslim women in Sweden”, Muslim women are raped by Swedish judges for favorable sentence.)

  • My next document-based book have the title “Muslim Slave Trade in Sweden”.

For six years ago, when I started to inform the world about institutionalized hatred of Islam and Muslims in Sweden, no one believed on my words, but now the Swedes’ hatred of Islam are a well-known fact, a fact that the UN has censored and covered up in all these years! Why?

More than six years later, fourth of November 2022, a panel from United Nations Human Rights Council (UN-HRC) on assignment in Sweden, come to the same conclusion and stated that “Systematic racism” against Muslims exists within Swedish authorities.

The UN-HRC statement on “Systematic racism” in Sweden was an inevitable recognition of all documents I have provided to the world and to the UN through Twitter since 2017. A recognition that UN could no longer obscure.

The leaders of the World and UN-officials such as António Guterres, Amina J. Mohammed, Phumzile Mlambo- Ngcuka, Michelle Bachelet, Henrietta H. Fore and many more are familiar to the authenticity of my documents.

The leaders of the World and UN-officials knows by heart how fake and hateful toward Muslims the UN- International Court of Justice (ICJ) and International Criminal Court (ICC) are, courts that uses Swedish biased jurist/Judges, driven by hatred of Islam. Swedish biased, obedient to the order and hateful Judges toward Islam as it is proven in the document-based book “Assassinated for …” https://usercontent.one/wp/kimyana.se/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Lonnmordad-Sv-2022.pdf

These revelations were not without consequences for me and my children in Sweden. In a Swedish way of course! The typical Swedish hypocritical mentality.

My daughters are the only Political Child Prisoners in the world, whom I am not allowed to see and be with, exclusively due to my books by court order in Sweden since 2017. A sentence that was approved by Svea Hovrätt, the Supreme Court, the government of Sweden (the previous and the new one) and the Swedish parliament.

I attach three documents you may examine, documents that prove my claims are true. The first document proves that my children are NOT taken by the laws of social services. The second document proves “dismissed” ?!child abuse!? and the third document clearly states that “for my writings and published books I am not allowed to see and be with my daughters”.

I address the:

  • UN- Convention on the Rights of the Child
    • Article 2
    • Article 8
    • Article 9
    • Article 19
    • Article 37.a No child shall be subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

There are documents that proves my children were/are subjected to bodily harm (document attached) and mental punishment (the government in Sweden refuses to hand over case 5000-K1218201-21 a description of torture, psychological warfare, of my Children) in Sweden.

  • Article 37.c
  • Article 37.d
  • UN- Convention on Human Rights
    • Article 19
    • Article 5
    • Article 14
    • Article 12
    • Article 7
    • Article 8
  • UN- Convention against Torture
    • Article 1
    • Article 2
    • Article 4
    • Article 5

I have more than a thousand documents that prove Muslims in Sweden are not entitled to their lawful rights granted by the Swedish parliament and Sweden’s international obligations.

The West knows, through United Nations of course, how to magnify “nothing” from the East – Muslims – and how to cover up and censor the state crimes in the West, Sweden the worst one.

Shirin Ebadi from Iran, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2003, had no proof of persecution as I do in Sweden. Shirin Ebadi’s children has never been in danger in Iran unlike my hostage children in Sweden.

I am limited in every possible way in my life in Sweden.

The Swedish state has, in November 2021, turned off the electricity at home. They cut off my salary without any legal ground. The Swedish government warns people who get in touch and show an interest in helping the case etc. BUT I am free! Off from jail! To create disbelieve, the typical Swedish hypocritical mentality which makes easier for You at UN and journalists to cover up, censor and conceal.

On the other hand I have never done or said anything in secret, one of which this request for asylum, a fact that prevented the Swedish Security Service from accusing me for colluding with foreign countries or spying.

Financially, I’m limited in every possible way. One example is that I haven’t been able to buy meat for more than a year, just to mention how … the rest you can figure out.

I am denied medical care and it should be mentioned that I am 57 years old.

The government of Sweden denies me the Covid-vaccine!                Silky Assassination.

I fear for my life.

I need to leave Sweden in order to be able to continue informing the world about Swedish hypocrisy and LIES regarding Muslim children’s rights, Muslims human rights, freedom of expression for Muslims in Sweden, freedom of religion for Muslims in Sweden and not at least to inform the people of the world, all Muslims in the world, about indescribable Swedish hatred of Islam and Muslims.

I am humbly asking you for help, with regard to the article 14 UN- Convention on Human Rights, to get my request for asylum be approved by the Honorable King of Saudi Arabia.

We let Muslims in the world witness how you (UN-OHCHR) deal with this case.

We let Muslims witness how Swedish lobby takes over the UN- Conventions.


Seyed Isa Musavi

Requesting Political Asylum 16 Nov. 2022

Requesting Political Asylum

Den Judiska församlingen!

Oro för mina Barn!

Politisk Tribunal, Solna Tingsrätt

Mats Svensson!

Högsta Förvaltningsdomstolen!



Mårten Schultz, T112-20!

Ers Majestät!

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