As a Swedish citizen opposes to Sweden’s violation against children/human rights.
My mission, now that my children are abducted for my ethnic background, is to expose Sweden to the world for the contributions that focus on prosecuting and pursuing minority Muslims in Sweden.
Sweden has over a long time been persecuting the Muslim minority, citizens of Sweden since the 60’s. Without any reason or evidence against Muslim families, Muslims children are kidnapped at young age to indoctrinate the children in other thoughts than Islam.
The case of my children is neither an individual event nor unique in the context. What is unique about this case is that I can now prove by document, audio and visual files that Sweden advocates the right of children to a free disdainful society, self is suppressing children for the religion the children are born in. Sweden completely inhuman abduct young children from parents, friends and familiar environment the children had been living for 9 years in my case.
Many of these documents are collected in the reality based book ”Forced Conversion of Muslim Children in Sweden”, which is free to upload online. www.kimyana.se   It will be translated to another language too.
On Sunday, 20th of August 2017, at 11:00, I set up a tent at Stockholm, Sockenplan Subway, where my children were abducted for a year ago.
Printed on the tent you will find names of all of those who in this case have contributed to:
  • Abduction of two Muslims children, born in Sweden
  • Beating my children (6 and 8 years young girls) in Swedish custody- attests
  • Prevent my children from going to school.
  • Darkening of crimes on children in Sweden
  • With more.
Tanks to:
  1. Swedish media that helps the Swedish state to darkening crime against children (6 & 8 years young and even younger children) and persecution of Muslim minorities in Sweden.
  2. Swedish Parliament, whose members (non-SD), contrary to the Constitution, openly, and most notably, lie, prosecute and pursue the Muslim minority in Sweden and Islam as religion.
  3. Swedish States contribution to Islam hostile organizations, who are not even trying to hide their hatred against religion of Islam and the Muslim minority. Muslim minority after decades of work and participation in Swedish welfare, have become Swedish citizens.
I’m afraid of my life:
According to the medical certificate, I’m fully healthy in both body and mind. ”… no evidence of physical or mental illness … inspects the skin costume that does not show any hematoma or signs of trauma.”
At the time of presumably arrest/detention, I want to access to my doctor, XXXXXXXXXX-Stureby Health Center, to examine my health in place (Physical and Psychological) before I’m closed behind the doors.
In Sweden people use to hang themselves somehow in a primary jail! Which is a single cell with no means one can use to hang themselves.
In case of detention, I start a dry hunger strike. See if I go the same way to meet as Liu Xiaobo did in China, or the other human rights activists in other countries who, according to Sweden, commit crimes against children and human rights.
Isa Musavi