For these published books in SWEDEN, my children are hostage by the Government of SWEDEN since 14 september 2016.

    I have not seen my daughters since 14 september 2016. My children are not even allowed to call me since 14 september 2016.

    The pursuit of my Kidnapped children of the Swedish state led me to politicians, civil servants and individuals who helped me come close to the truth about why Sweden wants to transform Muslim children into a doctrine other than Islam.

    The Iranian woman began to fool the system with a simple Persian wording, as a basis for the need for sheltered accommodation while throughout the whole process claiming “Kvarsittningsrätt! (The right to be in the very same apartment she is escaping from!)”.

    With common sense, one would wonder how a woman wants to live where the perpetrator knows the address and has the key to the apartment?!

    As a reader, you may take the economic aspect into account, considering that this case has cost the tax-payer over a million Swedish kronor.

    I and other Muslim parents in Sweden, take the human suffering into consideration, where our children are exposed to hostile Islam phobia that will be last throughout their life.

    The need and necessity of the transformation anchors Swedish politicians in Swedish welfare. But behind the scenes it’s about consumption, while making the children alien to their roots.

    Despite sweden’s good reputation, it’s about oppression of Muslims in every possible way. Hard to understand in a country such as Sweden which propagates for children’s rights, human rights and religious freedom.

    Swede’s are different from what they are known about. You should read the book to understand the issue fully, but the book is written in Swedish right now.

    You will also discover, Sweden eliminates dissidents and inconvenient individuals like me, under mysterious circumstances while they are in detention or while the person in question is transported by police or related to the government.

    In accordance with the law, I have tried to get protection every Swedish citizen is entitled to without any success.

    I see no other possibility than to apply asylum directly from the government as the last resort to receive protection, when I accuse politicians like the Speaker of the house, national police chief and Judges, for abducting my children to silence me for the truth about “Forced conversion of Muslims Children in Sweden”.

    Hopefully, this web site and my two-days dry hunger strike will act as life insurance until I get asylum if I even get it?!

    About Swedish media

    A friendly crowd in some countries is often called for revolution in Swedish media, while a dry hunger strikes for violations against children’s rights and human rights in Sweden are silenced by the Swedish media.

    The tag has received more than 361 000 likes in Sweden, which is about 4 % of the citizens who are entitled to vote.

    This is an evidence I looked for, for a long time, and nothing is wrong with knowing 361 000 “liked” the tag, who like me have had enough of Swedish tyranny and dictatorship against Muslims 2017.

    My question to you as a reader is if you are interested in covering the history when I start hunger strike again, or if you are interested in translating the book into your language.

    Please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you can help us in the fight against religious oppression in Sweden.